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Luxury Wooden jewelry stand, Bracelet display holder, T-Bar, watch stand organizer

We believe in creating products that value people, and makes everyone's life better. That's why we use walnut wood for our products, for its durability, and  long lasting. We also use juniper to add shine and splendor to our products.

This jewelry stand allows you to organize, store and display your jewelry in a chic style, and make them easy to reach and pick to match your outfit, which is much better than letting them tangled in drawers. 

The design is simple but elegant with three tires and a square base, sturdy without being heavy and easy to put together. The square base has a shiny wide line of juniper.

The taller tire is ideal for hanging necklaces and chains with different lengths, the middle  and the lower tire gives you enough space to display various types of bracelets and watches.

compact in size and will not take much space, makes a perfect gift or to treat yourself.  

Care note:Avoid contacting water or surrounding it in a high humidity environment.

Please be aware the item you receive may be a little different from the one we show on the picture due to the natural texture of walnut wood , as it possibly gets affected by lighting or camera settings.

Jewelry and other photography props accessories are not included.


Package Include: Bracelet display holder

Materials: Solid walnut wood, Juniper Wood.

Weight:2 Lbs (0,95 KG)