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Walnut Laptop stand


A Macbook wood laptop stands for a desk, making the workplace well ordered.

The stand is made of walnut wood with a shiny line of juniper. Not only are they very sturdy but also stylish.

Every product we made is 100% handmade with love and care, and we give it all our time to get it shaped in a good condition and good quality.

The first thing you notice about the stand is the color variations. That's due the walnut wood's special grained texture. The walnut wood color ranges from chocolate brown to yellow, and we choose the best part to extract the rich color of walnut wood and display it in our product. As a result, we get a unique outstanding painting made by nature.

Your body will thank you for having this little piece of wood, because it creates a suitable viewing  experience, provides a comfortable angle to use, and keeps your posture better.

Also it prevents your laptop from overheating.

No more back and neck pain, and the work will be done in time. 

As well enjoying your favorite show comfortably. 

Comes with different sizes depending on your computer. 

Care note: Avoid contacting water or surrounding it in a high humidity environment.

Please be aware the item you receive may be a little different from the one we show on the picture due to the natural texture of walnut wood, as it possibly gets affected by lighting or camera settings.


Package Include: Walnut Laptop stand

Materials: Solid wood walnut, Juniper Wood.

Small: 8.26 / 11.8 in | 2,2 Lbs 

Medium: 8.85 / 13.7 in | 2,58 Lbs

Large: 9.4 / 15.7 in  | 3 Lbs

X Large: 9.4 / 19.6 in | 5 Lbs

Size (Small):