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Premium Quality Wood Handcrafters

Woodglory is a brand which we established in 2021. Woodglory is created by Loft Solutions SARL which is a moroccan company. From the very beginning, our main goal has been to provide high quality, eco- wood products. What is the most important, these products are 100% handmade . For each of them we have an individual approach. We believe that true craft is able to offer much more than a mass production. Our products have a soul and a piece of heart left inside them by their author. We design them ourselves and we try to give a unique character to the ordinary things. We are paying a particular attention to their functionality and ergonomics by appropriately adjusting the parameters such as weight and dimensions. It is also important for us to end them well, an adequate treatment makes the finished product gains a high quality.

We use various types of hardwoods such as Walnut, Juniper, maple and oak. We use only solid wood and adequately moist. The use of this precious material makes products present themselves very elegantly. To end with, we mostly use natural oil such as pine oil. At the end we cover the wood with a layer of oil that makes it breathe freely, highlights its texture and gives a pleasant matt appearance.


Nowadays we can notice that wood has become one of the everyday things we see and use.

Each wood has its own look, and characteristics, but no one can deny that walnut wood is a great wood. 

Even Though the central and western region of Asia are the main home of walnut wood, it is found in many areas in the world due to its ability to coexist and grow in different types of soil. In Morocco walnut tree is considered one of the perennial trees with dense branches and greatly extended, reaching the height of more than 10 meters , spread along valleys and mountainous areas of high Atlas, Rica , and Azilal. 

The straight-grained and light brown to dark color with some blond and yellow undertones is what distinguishes Moroccan walnut wood , sometimes it has waves or curls which enhance the character of the piece. 

It is not only interesting to work with it , but the end result of working with walnut wood turns out to be exceptionally mesmerizing.




Director: Idriss bensalah

Phone number: +212665159311

Phone number: +212661065715

Mailing address: N127 Secteur L Rue Mehdi Ben Aboud Quartier Al houda, AGADIR, SOUSS MASSA, 80070, MOROCCO.