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Wood magnetic knife holder

Magnetic knife holder is always the best choice to store and display knives safely.

This magnet holder will not only do the job for you, but also will be a beautiful addition and great space saver for your kitchen. 

The benefits of having wooden pieces is that they are both practical and marvelous pieces.

Our magnetic strips are equipped with powerful magnets hidden inside the piece of solid wood.

 It will securely hold knives, scissors, bottle openers or any other metal kitchen utensils.

Since it is made of natural material you can see the variety of colors which adds an extra shine to your knife holder. 

This unique piece is handmade using both walnut and juniper wood.

Along the knife rack are two shiny lines of juniper, while the surface is made from alternating pieces of juniper with walnut strips, designed together elegantly to accent your decor. 

Each piece is made individually and put together piece by piece to make sure they fit perfectly and look organized.

Knives and other photography props accessories are not included.


Package Include: Walnut wood magnetic knife holder.

Materials: Solid walnut wood, juniper wood, magnet support.

Weight: 1,43 Lbs (0,65 KG)