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Triangle Bracelet Display Stand, Wood Triangle Jewelry Display, Wooden Bracelet Holder

Keeping all your necklaces at one place might make them tangle, break, or end up losing a part of your jewelry set. If you are still keeping your jewelry in a box and getting them tangled it’s time to get some creative holders to display your jewelry from bracelets to necklaces. This new, unique display offers the perfect accessory to creatively show jewelry in an elegant and chic way.

The package consists of 5 pieces, comes in two sizes, big size and medium size.

3 are the same size, while two others are slightly bigger. Fits nicely on all surfaces, and are durable.

Care note:Avoid contacting water or surrounding it in a high humidity environment.

Please be aware the item you receive may be a little different from the one we show on the picture due to the natural texture of walnut wood, as it possibly gets affected by lighting or camera settings.

Jewelry and other photography props accessories are not included.


Package Include: 5 pieces of Triangle Necklace Display Stand

Materials: Solid walnut wood.

Package Weight:1,17 Lbs (0,77 KG)

Big Triangle Weight: 0,35 Lbs (0,16 KG)

Small Triangle: 0,14 Lbs (0,067 KG)